Creating artistic finishes with BRODA ® low-VOC natural oil wood coatings

artistic-wood-finish-sampleMost contractors appreciate the smooth, consistent finish of our BRODA ® coatings, but for some, a weathered country-style finish or distressed surface is a true thing of beauty. We have been asked to create artistic finishes on many occasions, by architects, designers and homeowners. Here are a few of our insider tips and tricks to get the wood protection you need with the colour and impact you want.

Surface: To begin with, the surface of the wood is going to dictate what features and textures can be brought out with the layers of colour. Choose wood with a strong grain, and/or add to the look by beating and distressing the wood before you stain (but after you sand and remove any mill glaze!) We like to use chains, hammers and other instruments of torture, depending on how worn the customer wants the wood to look.

Base Coat: Choose the colour you want o come through from underneath. Often, the antique look is achieved with a dark colour underneath, and a lighter colour over top, but this is your artistic statement. It’s a good idea to create a series of test sections where you can try out colours and see what looks best. We are happy to send you samples of our products, and with over 50 stock colors to choose from, you can have a lot of fun.

Overcoat: Spread this colour and use a cloth, brush or textured fabric to wipe some of it off. Experiment with thicker applications, more than one coat, etc.

Sanding/Weathering: You can sand or erode the topcoat further after it has dried. Some finishes go right down to the wood level on corners and other protruding areas, but you’ll have to use a topcoat to protect in those situations.

Topcoat: Once you are happy with your surface, choose the right protective topcoat. For outdoor applications, this could be a BRODA ® PRO-TEK-TOR SLT or DR formula. For sheltered or interior applications, you could choose BRODA ® CLARITY Acrylic, and for heavily-trafficked areas such as floors, doors or furniture, try hard-wearing BRODA ® PRO-THANE water-borne urethane coating.

Take pictures as you go! People will be interested to see how you achieved your masterful effect, and you may even need to remind yourself how it was done if you need to match it later. And please, send your pictures along to us. We love to see what people do with our products.

If you need any help, or want us to tackle the finishing for you, just give us a call at 1-888-311-5339. Our brushes and chains are waiting!

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