Whistler Olympic Park – Still looking cooler than ever with BRODA® Coatings.


Photos: Lorne Craig

It seems like just yesterday… the world was watching Vancouver 2010, and the CBR BRODA® crew was glued to the screen, hoping to catch a glimpse of… the lodge.

Yes, the Day Lodge at Whistler Olympic Park is a BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR coated project, its huge timbers protected with our low-VOC water-borne natural oil stain. Now it is a legacy for cross-country skiers of all ages and abilities.

A day at Whistler Olympic Park in the Callaghan Valley is well worth the trip. Drive for about 10 minutes off the Sea-to-Sky highway, 115km north of Vancouver, and you are in a quiet world of towering trees, sparkling cake-icing snow and perfectly groomed trails. You can rent all the gear you need for snowshoeing, skate skiing or traditional cross-country. You can even take a biathlon lesson if you want to practice marksmanship at the same time. And if Grandma doesn’t cross-country, well there’s always the toboggan area.

The ski jumps loom over the learning area like some sort of spacecraft launch facility, and have hosted several international jumping events. (The jumps are not open to weekend tire-kickers or Grandmas, though that would be amusing)

In the summer you can hike, ride trails on your bike or even go for a horseback ride.

But let’s get back to the lodge.

WOP-inside-restaurant-SMInside, the day lodge is bright and beautiful, with lots of big beams and some beautifully carved doors and accents. The low-VOC wood stain really brings out the wood’s golden colour. The restaurant has some really tasty fare, no more expensive than any other remote-location lodge of this type. (Oh, and they serve Whistler Beer as well!)

We are happy to report the wood surfaces are still looking good, after 4 hot summers, cold winters and wet off-seasons of coast mountain weather.

Why not head up and check out Whistler Olympic Park for yourself? It’s a good reminder of the great environmental legacy that is ours to enjoy and protect. And Grandma will love it, too.


Photo: Lorne Craig


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