Testimonial for Broda Pro-tek-tor 111 Natural Oil Wood Finish and Clarity Wood & Stone Clear Coat Acrylic Coating

Natural Oil Wood Finish Stain – Cottage Exterior - Testimonial

Cottage Before

We are pleased to present this building products testimonial and photos of a project from another happy client. We are very pleased that Dave’s building project turned out how he imagined it would. His cottage looks fantastic!

“Hi CBR Products,

Thanks again for your help with determining that we needed Broda Pro-tek-tor 111 Natural and Broda Clarity Wood & Stone Clear Coat. We sanded our place right down to bare wood…horrific job, but it gave us the true colour and the right base for the new stain. We are pleased with the finish and we’ve had several neighbours tell us (as they walk by) that our 55 year old cottage looks brand new!

Your great service and personal assistance were a huge help in setting us on the right course. Your time is very much appreciated.

Here are a couple of before and after shots…

Cheers, Dave”

Natural Oil Wood Finish Stain – Cottage Window Frame – Exterior Siding - AFTER - Testimonial

Cottage After

For more information about this project and the products used, call us toll free on 1888 311 5339. Ordering is easy and simple and we offer a huge range of services including samples of all our products and a colour matching system. We are here to make sure your project goes according to plan. We love knowing that we contribute to peoples lives by helping them beautify their homes!

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