5 Tips to help water based coatings perform in the hot summer heat.

Bright SunWater-based and water-borne coatings like BRODA ® PRO-TEK-TOR have the great advantage of working very well in cool, damp conditions. But this means that when the summer kicks in, more care must be taken to ensure you get maximum performance.
To fully penetrate, water has to have the chance to go deep into the wood cells, taking with it the oils, acrylic or urethane components that do the job. So here are some simple tips to keep your summer project flowing.
Never use water-based coatings in direct sunlight.
 It’s written right on every can of BRODA ®, and we mean it. Sunlight can evaporate your coating before it has had a chance to penetrate. It also affects the curing of oils, pigments and other components. Go to the beach instead.
Stain in the morning.
 Afternoon heat and sun are at their strongest after about 11am. So get up early and get the job done before the heat really hits.
Pre-Stain your material in the shade.
 Working in a shaded garage or other area you can coat decking, siding, fencing and other materials before you have to use them. Just remember to allow lots of air circulation and allow each coat to fully dry and cure before applying the next one. A bit of indirect daylight can help with the curing process, so don’t do it all deep in the cellar.
Be patient. 
Temperatures over 20° can keep any water-borne coating from working properly. In a heat wave, try scheduling other parts of the project and wait for cooler weather.
Phone us! We have decades of experience working with BRODA ® and are happy to share it with you. We can let you know which products, colours and combinations are most sensitive to the weather and offer tips and tricks to make the whole job go more smoothly. It’s even a toll-free call: 1-888-311-5339
So keep your cool and you’ll be spending more of your summers with a beer in your hand instead of a brush.

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