Making kids furniture? Better Paint It Healthy!

Eco Ayris makes eco-friendly wooden furniture, accessories and even teethers for kids. So they need to make sure the coatings on their products stand the test of non-toxicity. That’s why they use SafecoatĀ® paints from AFM.Ā  According to the website, “At EcoAyris every article is handmade for next, next generation… our heirloom pieces are safe and sturdy…Aaron & Alana (aka Mom & Dad) select only lumber from responsibly managed sustainable forests – FSC certified. Our paint and clear finishes from AFM Safecoat are doctor recommended, SCS certified, and odor free on cured products. Perfect for chemically sensitive households.”
So if you are looking for safer kids’ furniture, or have plans to build some yourself, take a look at Eco Ayris and AFM Safecoat. You can ask us any questions you have about their non-toxic products, whether you are chemically sensitive, or just sensitive to the health of your children.

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