BRODA® SEAL-HIDE Elastomeric Paint

BRODA® SEAL-HIDE Elastomeric Paint

BRODA Seal-Hide Elastomeric Paint for wood concrete low-VOC water-basedBRODA® SEAL•HIDE is a premium, water-based elastomeric paint specially designed to form a durable, flexible coating for wood, concrete and masonry. SEAL•HIDE helps fill small cracks and gaps while providing a breathable yet water-resistant membrane that can flex with variations in temperature and humidity. Like all BRODA® products, SEAL•HIDE is safe to use, is low-VOC, low odour and cleans up easily using soap and water.

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Label Instructions This link leads to a PDF file of the instructions from the can, in case the label has been damaged or you want to print them at a larger size. (Aussi en Français!)

BRODA® SEAL-HIDE - Where To Use It Interior and exterior – concrete, brick and wood.

Application: Before using, shake or stir well, then, apply with a high-quality nylon or synthetic bristle brush or roller of appropriate nap. Do not apply in thick films or load paint onto the surface. Thin coats are better than one thick coat.

SPRAYER RECOMMENDATIONS: For spraying, dilute if necessary with up to 1 pint of water per gallon. Use an airless sprayer with a .21-29 tip.

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