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January 27, 2011 – Vancouver BC
Backgrounder: CBR Products
CBR Products and BRODA® Coatings were founded by a log home builder in Whistler BC who was looking for a better-performing wood stain that would not compromise the environment in which it was applied. Thanks to more than a decade of applied research and product development, low-VOC BRODA® Coatings are now being specified for some of the highest-profile architectural projects and residential projects in Western Canada.
The CBR Products Team hand-mixes each batch of product, and is committed to working with our customers to get them the best results for their project. We are also committed to the East Vancouver community that is our home and to the west-coast environment that we enjoy every chance we get. Our tagline says it best: “Protect it all.™”
All BRODA® Coatings are hand-made right in our East Vancouver facility. This central location allows our employees to work close to home and easily use transit or carpool. Our formulas consist primarily of water-based acrylic & water-based urethane or water-borne natural oils. We are careful to re-use most of our waste water in the manufacture of product. The remainder is treated before disposal. We recycle all drums that are recyclable, our product containers are reusable and we encourage customers to bring them back for refilling with a $1 per container refund. Our new 5-gallon pails are made of recycled plastic, (with the exception of a thin inner layer).
CBR Products also distributes AFM Safecoat Paints, which are manufactured to the highest health standards for people with chemical sensitivities, and several cleaners, graffiti-removal products and construction products that are carefully chosen for their effectiveness and responsibility.
All BRODA® Coatings are either water-based or water-borne. Harsh solvents are not used as the carrier for our pigments. The three main products in the BRODA® line are PRO-TEK-TOR™, CLARITY and PRO-THANE and each is specially formulated for its purpose.
BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR Water-Borne Natural Oil Finish contains oxide and trans-oxide pigments, (very finely ground colors), suspended in renewable linseed oil, tung oil and water. This combination penetrates easily, especially into wood that is damp or ‘green'. The addition of UV blockers and anti-mildew ingredients makes this family of coatings ideal for outdoor applications. The formulas are low-VOC with no harsh solvent fumes and a rich, colorful finish available in more than 50 standard colours / colors.
BRODA® CLARITY 100% Acrylic Finishes This family of water-based low VOC coatings creates a vapour permeable, flexible film with great UV stability and water repellence. The ultra small size of the acrylic particles allows for fast, deep penetration. Cold weather, high humidity, damp or dry substrates are no problem, allowing for virtually year application  round in many climates. These non-yellowing, 100% acrylic finishes bond well to alkyd resins and on exterior wood, work well over all types of finishes. (Available in more than 50 standard colours / colors)
BRODA® PRO-THANE Water-based Polyurethane Finish Polyurethane is formulated with acrylic and oil in various combinations to create high performance, durable coatings for floors, stairs, cabinets, trim and protected exterior applications. Available in traditional rich amber or ultra-clear non-yellowing low-VOC formulas. Available in more than 50 standard colours / colors.
Our product containers are made from recycled plastic and we encourage customers to bring them back for refilling with a $1 per container refund.
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