Need to colour match another brand of wood stain? No problem.

We occasionally have customers come to us with old finishes we need to match using a custom BRODA® colour. This can be the case where an old wood stain of a different brand has failed in some areas but not all of it needs to be re-coated.

All we need is a sample of the finish to be matched and the wood to be coated, and we can brush out samples to achieve a consistent colour, transparency and surface. The samples shown here were designed to match Sikkens colours, so the home owner could switch to the low-VOC easy maintenance of BRODA® coatings.

Whether you are staining a deck, siding, soffits, wood floors or timber beams, give us your custom colour challenge! We are up for it!

BRODA match to sikkens wood stain dark oak

BRODA® match for Sikkens Dark Oak 009

Broda match for Sikkens 072 Butternut wood stain

BRODA® match for Sikkens Butternut 072

Broda match Sikkens 077 cedar wood stain

BRODA® match for Sikkens Cedar 077

BRODA match Sikkens 078 natural

BRODA® match for Sikkens natural 078

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