BRODA ® Deck Refinishing Stains: How-To Seminar at Greenworks Building Supply; It’s all about prep and patience.


On a sunny Saturday in May, CBR Products  own Chris Dos Santos showed some dealers and homeowners how to refinish wood decks the BRODA ® way, at a building products seminar held at Vancouver’s Greenworks Building Supply.

CBR-Greenworks-Deck-X180-demo-sm“The key is taking your time, and preparation” said Dos Santos. “Don’t rush it and don’t go cheap on your coating products.” The show began with a demonstration of ABR X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer, a relatively mild acetic that takes greying and light staining off of the surface of the wood, making it very receptive to the new finish.

The seminar also focused, naturally, on the advantages of water-borne oil finishes over solvent-based products.

“A solvent-based finish, besides off-gassing toxic fumes, creates a non-permeable film that can crack and peel. That means when it’s maintenance time, you’re stripping off old stain again,” Dos Santos continues, “Water-borne stains like BRODA ® soak into the wood and let it breathe. Maintenance is as easy as washing and re-applying right on top.”

Dos Santos then explained the differences between BRODA ® Siding Log & Timber (SLT) and Deck & Rail (DR) formulas. The SLT is designed to be fade resistant for vertical surfaces, while the DR has more ingredients that repel standing water for horizontal surfaces.

“Buying local is important, too.” Dos Santos says, “If your your deck is in British Columbia and your finish is made in Arizona, it’s not going to be made for the job. BRODA ® products include ingredients that reduce the growth of fungus and mildew, which is critical in a damper environment.”

Participants were handed a step-by-step sheet of deck refinishing tips and tricks, and brought some of their own questions to be answered.

“You can be friends with your deck,” Dos Santos concluded, “You just have to put a little water-borne love into it.”

For his PDF of deck staining tips and tricks or to book a seminar for your group or dealer, just call or email CRB Products Customer Service.

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