The world’s nuttiest way to do laundry. (But hey, it’s natural!)


At CBR we like things natural – wood, natural oil stain, fresh powder… so when we came across Kickbutt Nuts™ natural cleaner for laundry, and learned it was actually made from 100% natural ‘soap nuts’ we thought it was too good not to share. Unlike commercial powders and liquids, Kickbutt Nuts are actually the dried fruit shells of the Sapindus tree. You simply put 4 of them in a small cloth bag right in with your laundry. The natural cleaner in the nuts causes the water to foam up and lift out the dirt. Afterwards, you can dry the nuts out for up to 3 more uses. Then they go straight into the compost. No waste!

kickbutt-laundry-nuts2I have tested them on our own laundry and so far they have worked just fine, even removing some pretty serious ski gear funk.

You can also soak the nuts in a jar of water, creating your own soapy solution that can be used for a number of household cleaning tasks.

Kickbutt Nuts also work well on the social side of the scale. Every package bought online contributes to giving adolescent girls living in poverty in the developing world a chance.

kickbutt-laundry-nuts3So if you want a way to clean your clothes and your conscience, try some of these nuts.

Who knows, they might even work for cleaning water-borne BRODA® natural oil wood stain out of your brushes!


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