Cedar siding protected with BRODA ® wood finishes still looks good over a decade later.

Cedar home with natural oil wood stain

We recently received an email from a happy past customer in Nelson, BC, letting us know that they were finally considering some touch-ups on the BRODA ® PRO-TEK-TOR wood finish they coated the  siding of their home with 11 years ago.

“We treated the siding with BRODA ® PRO-TEK-TOR cedar tint, 2 coats applied by roller on all surfaces before the siding was installed. It was about this time in 2002. You’ll see that after 11 years the wood finish has retained the base cedar tone with nice coloring evolving. The only surfaces that have greyed are those that were subjected to rain wash off the roof before we installed troughs.  There is no structural deterioration at all of the siding.”

The happy homeowner continues to use BRODA ® PRO-TEK-TOR wood finishes for other projects as well, such as a cedar shed and an amazing stump carving he has created in his front yard (see separate article here)

Thanks to Bob for sending us those great pics showing the durability of wood finishes made in Canada by CBR Products. If you have any questions about how to protect YOUR wood, just give us a call or drop us a line.

Cedar siding wood stain

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