Broda Sealhide Used As Primer To Solve Blistering Issues

Our good friend Todd Polich of Earth Foundation has been busy as usual and this time he needed our help. Todd’s work is very significant in Vancouver as he and his Foundation strive to promote environmentalism through art, and by including the help of East Vancouver youth to aid him in his projects, Todd has given something back to the community that is both special and important.

In his latest project he has turned what would otherwise be your average Eastside factory wall, into a masterpiece by painting an amazing mural of a pod of orcas. The paint on this side of the building was very blistered and flaky due to moisture bleeding through the walls. The building serves as a tofu factory and is very humid inside hence the moisture.

At first Todd had trouble with other paints/primers as the moisture seemingly migrated to the outside of  the wall when the wall got hot from the sun. Blistering would then appear behind the paint, then burst and the paint would peel. Todd scraped the entire surface down to virtually bare and then tried an application coat of our Broda Sealhide to act as a primer. Sealhide is a premium, water-based elastomeric paint specially designed to form a durable flexible coating for wood, concrete and masonry. It helps fill small cracks and gaps while providing a breathable yet water-resistant membrane that can flex with variations in temperature and variations in humidity.Todd was then free to use any paint he wanted to continue on with his huge mural.

Seems like the perfect product to use for such a project and Todd has had great success with it.

We hope to have the privilege of continuing to support Todd throughout his projects. We stand behind his awesome work and the fantastic things he is doing for the local Strathcona Community and it’s youth.

Please visit Todd’s website Earth Foundation to see all of the amazing work he has created.

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