Green Building Certification Systems Explained

envirochem green building logoBuildings in Canada are responsible for 30 – 40% of our greenhouse gas emissions. So making them more efficient and sustainable is critical. But the maze of certifications and ratings is enough to turn even the greenest builder a ripe shade of frustrated purple. Thankfully there are people like Andriana Beauchemin from Envirochem Services Inc. who offer quality Environmental Engineering, Green Building, and Software Management services. Andriana recently compared Canada’s various Green Building ratings in a handy PDF chart to help builders, architects and homeowners sort it all out.

Green Building Certification Comparison Low VOC Coatings

“Green Building is not only about being better for the environment, but it is also about quantifying environment savings, increasing quality of building, and making our indoor environments healthier to be in.” Andriana says. “Green Building programs are not as costly or as complex as some may believe especially with the many available incentives. Third party certification is key to qualify and quantify the building’s performance.“

green building professional Andriana BeaucheminAndriana also suggests becoming familiar with some key green building terms:

  • ACH = Air Changes per Hour
  • AP = Accredited Professional
  • BDT = Blower Door Test
  • BGC = Built Green Canada
CaGBC = Canadian Green Building Council
  • CEA = Certified Energy Advisor
  • ETS = Environmental Tobacco Smoke
  • LEED = Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design
  • NC = New Construction
  • NRCAN = Natural Resources Canada
  • PH = Passive House
  • PHI = Passive House Institute
  • USGBC = US Green Building Council


Contact Andriana Beauchemin to discuss programs, services & the BC Hydro $2200 home incentives ( 604.986.0233 x 114)

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