BRODA ® Clarity Acrylic finish makes old concrete floor into a colourful design statement.

This note from a satisfied homeowner in British Columbia:

“I just wanted to share with you how we used BRODA® Clarity MC to coat a concrete floor – with very green and exciting results. Our cabin has a utility room with an unpolished concrete floor. As part of a basement renovation, we wanted to give it a quick coating that would upgrade the look without going to the expense of costly flooring.
On your recommendation we tried Clarity MC, tinted to Avocado green.
First we vacuumed the surface and wiped up any leftover dust. Then we rolled the Clarity right on, with a high-nap roller, keeping it stirred as recommended so that all of the pigments stayed in suspension. The first coat covered great, giving the floor a ‘stained’ look that was very nice. The second coat evened out the colour more, though it still had some very attractive variations where the floor surface was more uneven. The result is a look for our utility room that would do credit to a downtown loft!
And of course, the low-VOC painting experience and easy water cleanup are always appreciated.
Thanks again for making this good stuff!”

Lorne and Sharon Craig
Lillooet Lake, BC

concrete floor coating acrylic low-VOC sealer

A pretty boring floor.










Mixing the BRODA ® Clarity to keep pigments in solution


Concrete floor coating 2

The first coat soaking in


basement floor painting green acrylic water-based

Second coat going on


concrete floor before staining

The concrete floor – before


green tinted basement floor cement

Nice finish!


Basement concrete floor designer finish

Almost too nice for a utility room!

We’re glad you like it!

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