CBR and BRODA® get ClimateSmart

Our company was founded in Vancouver and Whistler, and even though our job is to make low-VOC coatings that protect buildings from the elements, we know we are all part of the natural world.

So to help lighten our footprint, CBR President Bill Willis recently completed the ClimateSmart for Business program. This 3-session program was designed to help businesses come up with innovative ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG’s) and commit to ongoing improvements.

“I found it was a great way to get an intro to the issues and really make us think about our processes”, says Bill. “It was good to see we already had some good steps in place, like our programmable thermostat, but now we are also looking at a lighting audit and even adding solar hot water to the roof to pre-heat our processing water.”

Bill also hopes to pass on some of the energy savings to his staff. “They are the ones who will make this program work, so why not share some of the benefits? It’s a great way to get everyone involved.”

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