BRODA® coatings help green up the new VanDusen Gardens Visitor Centre.

VanDusen Gardens Entrance protected by BRODA coatings

It took more than a decade of planning and 17 months of construction, but VanDusen Gardens’ new centerpiece of green building is now open to the public. And we are proud to say BRODA® Coatings are a part of it.

The $21.9 Million Visitor Centre was designed to meet the LEED Platinum level of excellence, and is also being registered for Living Building Challenge status, considered an even more rigorous measurement of building sustainability as it considers a building’s long-term performance in key areas including energy, health, siting and overall “beauty.”

Vandusen Visitor Centre interior coatings BRODAOne of the most impressive features of the organically-influenced structure is its wavy wood interior ceiling, built from Douglas Fir and coated with BRODA® CLARITY Low-VOC Acrylic finish. A bridge leading to the facility was made from wood recovered from the former covered walkway, and is coated with BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR Water Borne Natural Oil Finish.

The roof also has a solar water heating system that helps the building be energy self-sufficient and “carbon neutral”, using only as much energy as it produces. Other special features include systems for recovering “grey water” (used for washing hands and dishes) and “black water” (toilet water) that will be processed in an on-site bio-reactor and released into the garden.

The building’s green roof also absorbs and collects rainwater for use. Check out the great time-lapse video of the green roof installation by Houston Landscapes. (video below)

The VanDusen Gardens Visitor Centre was designed by Perkins+Will Architects with key roof elements designed and built by StructureCraft.


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