Are you getting maximum absorption? All acrylic coatings are not the same.

In the can, one acrylic coating looks pretty much like another. But at the chemical level, they can be quite different. One of the benefits of a water-based low-VOC coating is that wood is very receptive to the absorption of good old H20. This is positive news, as the deeper your pigments and film can penetrate, the longer lasting your coating should be.

This is where particle size comes into the equation. BRODA® CLARITY is made with extremely fine acrylic particles, which increase its effectiveness on wood, stone and concrete. The BRODA® pigments are also ultra-fine, so if you want to tint your CLARITY base, the protection remains strong. (With over 50 standard colours and an infinite variety of custom tints available, that’s a whole spectrum of acrylic options)

Many leading architects have come to trust the low-VOC’s and high-performance qualities of BRODA® CLARITY for major projects like the Richmond 2010 Skating Oval and the new LEED Platinum VanDusen Gardens Visitor Centre.

So when you are specifying an acrylic coating, make sure it’s fine enough to really sink in.

VanDusen Gardens wood stain interior acrylic BRODA ® CLARITY

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