Rhubarb Saves The Day!

There are so many different things out there that function in more ways than we know. Whether it be fish oil in vitamins and WD40 or corn in almost…….well, everything!

So, how about Rhubarb? I don’t know about you but Rhubarb for me was the worst thing imaginable as a child. Even my Dad wouldn’t eat it and he would throw back almost anything. My Mum would make pies and jam-like crud out of that nasty stuff and my brother and I would kick up a major fuss if we even smelled it in the house. To this day I wouldn’t touch the stuff even if you paid me………well, how much are we talking here? Mum, we can negotiate a price perhaps.

Ok, enough with the digression.

The Rhubarb plant has many uses ranging from the stems being an old source of sugar, to the roots being consumed in order to help along a number two. However, the Rhubarb plant has leaves which are usually discarded when it comes to cuisine, but in the world of construction/restoration they are actually very useful. These leaves contain a substance called Oxalic Acid which is very handy when it comes to cleaning almost anything but it has a tremendous ability to restore weathered wood to it’s natural state.

We carry a product here at CBR called ABR X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer and the people we know who use it, swear by it! X-180 contains Oxalic Acid and a detergent additive to completely enliven old wood and give your deck, fence, roof or siding that original ‘fresh from the mill’ look we all love! From timber frames during the in-construction period to 30 year old Cedar decking to old black Cedar roof shakes. It cleans it all!

It’s simple to use and virtually anyone can use it. Check out the above link or call us for a ready-to-use sample. We know you’ll absolutely love what it does!

Bet you won’t look at Rhubarb the same way after having tried this awesome product!

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