Log Furniture Fun

log beds eco friendly stain coatingsWe love logs. And there’s nothing like handmade log furniture. Each piece is a unique, sturdy piece of usable art. But there’s no rule that says we have to stick with the colours Mother Nature gave us. So when we came across these great log furniture links while doing some worthy web procrastination, we couldn’t resist playing around with a little Photoshop and some of our 50+ BRODA® colours.

For these photo examples, we used the ‘Big Starburst Bed’ from Viking Log Furniture, St. Joseph Minnesota. Viking has a great line of designs, from beds to pool tables. They also do custom work, so you can probably order their products unfinished if you want to get creative yourself.

We also have some great log furniture companies right here in BC.

The folks at Knotty By Nature in Victoria have been making furniture since 1995. While we didn’t have time to try any virtual colours on their photos, we sure like the way they use branches and natural formations in their designs.

The Twisted Wood Company in Little Fort, BC also has a website full of great natural furniture ideas, as well as beautiful log rail and stair custom work.

Whether you like adventurous colours or the natural look, if you are building or ordering custom log furniture, consider finishing with low-VOC coatings like BRODA® CLARITY Acrylic or PRO-THANE Urethanes. These all come in over 50 standard hues and can be tinted to almost any colour you can imagine, leaving as much, or as little of the wood grain showing through as you want.

Contact Simon for any custom colour chips or wood sample brush-outs you need.


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