CBR helps students make their mark in a big way.

Students of Burnaby BC’s Chaffey Burke Elementary School are buzzing with excitement as they complete one of the largest murals in the lower mainland that illustrates an ecosystem through the flight of bees, one of our most vital species. In preparation for painting the 110ft. long wall, environmental artist Todd Polich has been working with the students in class exploring the importance of bees in the pacific ecosystem, and the relationship we have with global eco systems in general.

Under the guidance of Polich, each class learned about one species and a section of the ecosystem, leading up to an in class art workshop where students received instruction on illustrating animals, wildlife and habitat. From there it was all hands on deck, or the wall in this case, as all 568 students applied their art skills to painting the magnificent mural. “We wanted to visually demonstrate the progression of the eco system from the school playground, through rivers, streams, forests, right into the Pacific Ocean.” said Polich.

CBR was happy to donate BRODA® SEAL-HIDE Elastomeric Paint for the mural, helping ensure a low-VOC process and high-durability result.

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