Whale Sculpture Gets Brand New ‘Skin’

Elastomeric Paint With  Acrylic Coating For Whale Sculpture RestorationOur good friend Todd Polich from Earth Foundation has been busy with his paint brush again, this time at a playground in Horseshoe Bay Park in West Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Todd was employed to recoat the whale in a fashion similar to that of a Grey Whale. With sightings of a Grey Whale in False Creek, Vancouver it would seem an appropriate theme for the area.

Elastomeric Paints With Acrylic Coatings For Whale Sculpture RestorationTodd wanted to give the whale a cartoonish feel to it as children love to play on it….especially in the summer, as this whale has a fully functioning water spout that keeps kids entertained for hours during the hot summer months. Parents planning on catching a later Ferry from Horseshoe Bay may need a towel or two handy just in case they have a couple of soggy tots along for the ride.

Elastomeric Paint – Acrylic Coating For Whale Sculpture Restoration Todd chose to use Broda SEAL-HIDE, a new Elastomeric Paint we are currently developing in our East Van facility. The whale had been painted many times in the past so he blended colours, shades  and textures in order to give the whale a brand spanking new life-like look. He then top coated the paint with our acrylic sealer Broda Clarity Wood/Stone to protect the paint from weather and also from the avid wee grommets vying for the top spot on the whale’s head….at least until the whale plays back and its water spout soaks them through.

For more information about this project or having your own project painted masterfully by Todd Polich himself, visit www.earthfoundation.com. For more product information about our low VOC low odour (low odor) water-based finishes and Elastomeric Paints please view the related web pages above and or contact CBR Products.

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