Designer Rebecca Lees brings beauty to building with BRODA.

Designer Rebecca LeesThere’s more to coatings than straight durability. They make a design statement, and helping people make the right statement (with something as important as their home) is the job of designer Rebecca Lees.

“I really like to blend a home with its environment.” says Rebecca. “I love the BRODA colour palette. On my first project using PRO-TEK-TOR, about four years ago, I discovered “Acorn” which has remained a favourite of mine. Recently I have moved into softer, greyer tones, as they blend so nicely with the greyed light which we have here on the West Coast.”

Rebecca also works closely with Bill, Simon and the CBR team to create custom colours for her clients. She proudly displays a tone she calls ‘Rebecca Green’ “The colour could probably be described best as natural driftwood with an infusion of green and softer brown.” The brush-out sample she shows almost shimmers and changes colour in the light. “Working with CBR the custom colour process is less challenging than it might otherwise be. Simon just won’t give up!”

We asked Rebecca to share her palette of favourite BRODA colours, (at left) and comment on trends for 2011.

“Palettes have become softer, warmer, more harmonious. Maybe its people looking for calming colours for a more stressful world. I like to stay away from anything too orange or red when it comes to staining a house, as I prefer to blend a structure into its surroundings.”

Of course it’s not all surface beauty. One of Rebecca’s regular contractors, Procon Projects, swears by BRODA for its performance. “They appreciate that the stain can be applied when the wood is still damp and it penetrates well.” Rebecca reports. “Another advantage which Procon has mentioned is that the colour stays looking great which lessens ‘call-backs’ from clients.”

If you want to find out more about Rebecca and her work, visit her website at

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  1. Rebecca Lees says:

    I also appreciate that Broda products are low VOC, something more and more clients are demanding. Recently coated my concrete counter tops with “Clarity” – love the results! Rebecca L

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