Playing with wild wood, finished off right with BRODA®.

It has been said that city kids are losing touch with nature. Wood artist Warren Brubacher is working to change all that with spectacular play structures made from ‘wild wood’ and finished with long-lasting non-toxic BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR. Warren helped the Resort Municipality of Whistler maintain several of their natural wood play structures for many years.

As the Olympics approached and other municipalities started looking to spruce up some of their facilities, his name was passed along. The result was a play facility in the new kids water park area of Garden City Park, Richmond, where Brubacher built 3 feature natural,wood elements; an old growth giant play stump, a wildwood bridge and the “log fingers”, ornamental play sculpture. This led to another assignment to build a smaller version of the ‘log fingers’ piece in Oppenheimer Park, in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.

Warren chooses BRODA® finish for his projects, and has been using it for more than a decade. “I’ve known Bill Willis since the early 90’s, and was there when he started CBR Products and evolved the BRODA® formula.” says Brubacher. “It’s a good penetrating stain that allows application on wood that is not completely dry. Which works well for the live ‘wild wood’ shapes that I harvest. It’s also easy to maintain. Just wash and re-apply. You don’t need to sand it off and start again they way you do with other film forming finishes.”

Warren has also worked with Bill Willis and the CBR team on applying the finish to the cambium, the layer of wood right under the bark, which is often stripped off, but which adds so much to the natural look and feel of his log sculptures. “I’ve developed a very light sandblasting technique which allows the BRODA® to penetrate but lets me keep the rich colour and look of the cambium.” says Brubacher.
Working from the idyllic environs of his Tantalus View retreat north of Squamish BC, Brubacher has crafted a whole home and resort cabin with his wild wood creations. (But that’s another article entirely!) His most popular cedar creations are log benches, many of which have become memorial benches.

For more information on Warren Brubacher and Coastal Cedar Creations, visit his website at Or just go climb on one at Garden City or Oppenheimer Park and see the difference firsthand.

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