Huck’s DIY does a video comparison of BRODA PRO-THANE. So how do we stack up?

Huck’s DIY is an online show designed to help the homeowner navigate techniques and products for a variety of projects. This is a thorough product test of 3 water-based coatings, showing spray application on mahogany plywood and ash. Huck also tried applying the water-based PRO-THANE over an oil-based stain underneath. He then rated the finishes on odour, surface prep and clean-up time, information on the can and surface finish.

The results? PRO-THANE scored an 8 out of 10 overall, scoring top honours in his water-based finish category. Thanks, Huck!

Watch the whole video for the details, and stay tuned for further reviews of PRO-TEK-TOR and CLARITY.

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