Spearhead Timberworks raises the bar with Klahoose First Nations building.

Back in 2009 the Klahoose First Nation in Squirrel Cove, BC, began work on a spectacular new multi-purpose building. Named the ‘New Relationship’ building, this structure represents a new vision for the Klahoose Nation.

“It is the efforts in the building by the hard working crews from Klahoose Band Members, Cortes Island contractors and B.C. construction companies that make this project the success that it is.” says the band’s website.

One of those companies is Spearhead Timberworks, who helped create and install the massive timbers and posts used in its construction. We’re proud to say BRODA® will help protect this landmark structure far into the future. (The cedar posts have 2 coats of BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR Woodlands 112 and the timbers were finished a coat of Riverwood match and a coat of BRODA® Clarity. ) Click to view the YouTube construction video and find out more.

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