Spring Cleaning – without staining your home environment with VOC’s.

Spring has officially sprung. And as trees begin to sprout new leaves and flowers bloom – the “To-Do” list of indoor and outdoor home maintenance projects also emerges after the long Canadian winter.

For many, this beautiful time of year is also the time to beautify our homes, cottages and cabins, and prepare for the summer ahead. This often includes a long checklist of projects such as refinishing decks, painting exterior and interior surfaces, and other jobs that range from general cleaning and clearing to painting and protecting. The irony is, that our best beautifying intentions are often dangerously dirty, both for us, and our environment.

Ever heard of VOCs?
They are Volatile Organic Compounds that are emitted as gasses from solids and liquids such as paints and lacquers, paint strippers and cleaning supplies, among others. You know that new paint smell? That’s caused by VOCs.
VOCs can have short – and long-term adverse health effects that can include eye, nose and throat irritation; headaches; loss of coordination; nausea; as well as damage to liver, kidney and the central nervous system. Some have even been known to cause cancer in animals and humans. Environmentally, they contribute to smog levels. Additionally, some paints and wood stains require toxic solvents for cleanup. Oily rags and toxic cans from these products poison landfills for generations. The good news is that even before the Canadian Government announced regulations to lower VOC content in paints, adhesives and other building materials in 2008, CBR Products was setting the standard for making low VOC paints and coatings. BRODA®, is our line of low VOC water-borne, natural oil wood finishes, acrylics and urethane coatings for interior and exterior use. Hand-crafted in Vancouver, these products are designed to withstand harsh coastal weather.

The BRODA® difference also means that the pigments and binders are not carried by harsh solvents that emit VOCs.

Frighteningly, VOCs don’t just “stink” as you paint them on. They can be released for years as they cure and dry in your home.

CBR Products, also distributes AFM products – a full range of coatings: primers, flat latex, flat enamel, eggshell, semi-gloss, satin, interior and exterior finishes, concrete & floor paint and more that can be tinted to virtually any colour.

Safecoat® Naturals, one of the only doctor-recommended paints on the market, uses plant-based oils, and are also free of solvents, petrochemicals and VOC toxins, and are fully biodegradable. The phytochemical (plant-based) formula uses soybean oil as the main ingredient, with thistle oil for smooth paint flow and flaxseed oil for coalescence.

All CBR cleaning products are also proven performers with a low environmental impact and include formulations for all surfaces (driveways, wood, floors, tile, countertops, cars, etc.); aluminum; concrete/masonry; glass; graffiti; mold; and carpet cleaners.

Checking off the Spring “To-Do” list is a good feeling. Doing some good for the planet and your family’s personal environment at the same time, also feels like the right thing to do.

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