Burnt Wood New at CBR Products

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What’s New at CBR

We have expanded out Pre-Stains service to include Japanese style burnt wood.  Shuo Sugi Ban is an ancient Japanese craft that preserves wood by charring it.

Traditionally Japanese Sugi wood was used in a process that involves charring the wood and finishing it with natural oil. The process forms a carbon layer on the exterior of the boards protecting the wood making it fire resistant. The process also extends the maintenance cycle of the wood by several years.

We offer a wide selection of Broda colors used in combination with the charred wood. Instead of traditional Sugi wood we use Western Red Cedar that is charred to perfection and then generously smothered in Broda PRO-TEK-TOR SLT.  The result is a tasty finish that is like no other, that withstands the elements for years to come. Call us for more information.

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Architect Brian Hemingway designed this spectacular waterfront home located in the prestigious Deep Cove neighborhood near Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada. CBR Products is pleased to present this blog entry celebrating that BRODA wood coatings were used both for the interior and exterior wood beams of this architectural marvel.




This half plus acre gated estate enjoys a south easterly panoramic ocean view that includes the steep-sided glacial fjord of the  Indian Arm. Old growth vertical grain Douglas Fir timbers were selected for this breathtaking home which took five years to design and construct. Most of the 8500 sq. ft. of living space is accented by 15 foot high ceilings with exposed rafters that extend throughout the various sprawling principal rooms on the main level and the 12 foot ceilings in the bedrooms on the lower level.


The owner who commissioned the project was hands-on overseeing every aspect of the construction, including the custom-colour tinting of the many interior and exterior beams. Colour mixing is a skill the CBR Products Team has perfected over the two decades of serving customers.  Selecting the colour for beams had to be just perfect to complement the Pennsylvania Bluestone and the walls of architectural glass.



For more information or to buy your BRODA Coatings call: 1.888.311.5339


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The World’s Largest Burl

The first burl to be called the world’s largest burl was cut from the base of a 351-year-old Sitka Spruce tree in 1976. The burl weighs an estimated 22 tons and measures 45 feet in circumference. The new contender for the World`s Largest Burl title was carved off a tall Sitka Spruce tree near Holberg on northern Vancouver Island in 2005. At 6 meters tall, 6 meters in diameter, and weighing an estimated 30 tons, the burl is located in a waterfront park next to downtown Port McNeill. Burls are naturally occurring abnormal formations that develop when extra cells grow on a tree. Small burls are used to make attractive table tops and clocks.


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Have you seen this amazing ski ranch?



Have you seen this amazing ski ranch?  Designed by architect Bohlin Cywinski Jackson the Kicking Horse Ranch features Broda’s signature color 226 Ebony. Our low VOC wood stain provides an exquisite contrast to the majestic landscape of the Kicking Horse River.  This structure was front row center in the Dec/Jan issue of Gray Magazine.  Read the full article here 

Cabin Fever indeed so open and connected to the nature alongside the luxury setting of the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

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Mistint Blowout Sale

CBR is having a Mistint Blowout Sale.  Come on down for great prices on tinted SLT, DR and Clarity.




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Help us name our new favourite designer colours for BRODA® wood stain and coatings.

WOOD STAIN COATINGS: Name the Coating Contest

Our team is often asked to come up with special colour mixes and matches with our line of BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR™ Natural oil Wood Stains, CLARITY™ Acrylic and PRO-THANE Urethane coatings.

Some of these are pretty darn nice, if we do say so ourselves. So we decided to release a few of these special shades and include them in our lineup for 2014/2015. That means we’ll have to give them names.

Have a look at the colours below, and some of the names in our online gallery. West Coast themed names may be given special consideration, but we’re really wide open to anything. So give us your best shot. (The decision of the judges is, of course, final!)

Of course, if you would like a free sample of any of our new (or old) low-VOC colours for your deck staining, siding, floor coating, timber staining, log finishing or any other project, all you have to do is ask.

BRODA wood stain dark grey

This shade has a slight ‘burnt wood’ look, but with more warmth and sophistication.

BRODA wood stain light tan

This tone really lets the grain of the wood show through, for a natural, almost western look.

BRODA wood stain medium grey

With 2 coats, the tone deepens and becomes a little cooler. But it still has a warmth and class that has been used for siding, trim and timberwork.

BRODA wood stain light grey

This is a popular warm grey tone that appears different depending on how many coats are applied. Here is the single-coat look.

BRODA wood stain natural oil brown

This is a shade of rich warm brown that at first appears neutral, but has reddish undertones for a deep glow.

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Now we can pre-stain your composite siding, planks, shingles and more with super-durable SEAL-HIDE Elastomeric paint.

Rich color home siding

Photo: ligonography, iStockPhoto


Want the low-maintenance durability of composite with the custom colour options and extra weather resistance of a coating? BRODA® SEAL-HIDE Elastomeric paint puts it all together in a flexible, breathable coating that we can tint to virtually any designer hue.

SEAL-HIDE is the perfect choice for coating concrete, fiber or other porous or irregular surfaces. Its flexible formula stretches across gaps and irregularities and protects through a wide variety of weather conditions.

Our pre-staining service makes it easy to build with confidence, as the colours and coating are already taken care of – tinted to your designer specifications and applied to rigorous CBR Products factory standards. Pre-stained materials are then delivered, wrapped and ready, to your construction site.

SEAL-HIDE Elastomeric PaintUnlike some coatings, SEAL-HIDE will not bubble or blister when moisture is released from concrete or other surfaces, as the coating actually ‘breathes’.

Bring your colour chips and composite samples down to the CBR Products shop for a free pre-stain consultation.

Once you see how easy it is and how good it can look, the deal will be sealed.

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Low-VOC Coatings for Renovations in Quebec are no laughing matter!

Quebec wood stain ad

Did you know that BRODA® Coatings and Wood Stain are also popular in Quebec? C’est vrai! (It’s true!) A popular magazine for modern home building, Maison du 21e siecle, recently launched their special issue on renovations, and, with our marketing firm, Unicycle Creative, we decided to try a more handcrafted approach to advertising.

The headline reads, “By the time you’re finished renovating, you’ll be glad you chose a finish this easy to maintain.”

Anyone who has lived through a renovation will recognize the character in the illustration.

The text points out the obvious advantages of BRODA® for long-term maintenance; Low VOC’s, soap & water cleanup, and in the case of BRODA® PRO-TEK-TOR™ Natural Oil Wood Stain, never having to strip wood stain again.

So here’s to easy maintenance, AND cartoons – the universal language!

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Need to colour match another brand of wood stain? No problem.

We occasionally have customers come to us with old finishes we need to match using a custom BRODA® colour. This can be the case where an old wood stain of a different brand has failed in some areas but not all of it needs to be re-coated.

All we need is a sample of the finish to be matched and the wood to be coated, and we can brush out samples to achieve a consistent colour, transparency and surface. The samples shown here were designed to match Sikkens colours, so the home owner could switch to the low-VOC easy maintenance of BRODA® coatings.

Whether you are staining a deck, siding, soffits, wood floors or timber beams, give us your custom colour challenge! We are up for it!

BRODA match to sikkens wood stain dark oak

BRODA® match for Sikkens Dark Oak 009

Broda match for Sikkens 072 Butternut wood stain

BRODA® match for Sikkens Butternut 072

Broda match Sikkens 077 cedar wood stain

BRODA® match for Sikkens Cedar 077

BRODA match Sikkens 078 natural

BRODA® match for Sikkens natural 078

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Kimbell Art Museum Expansion Complete. Big, Beautiful, BRODA Coated Beams Featured in Architectural Record

An addition to what has been called ‘one of modern architecture’s greatest monuments’, the expansion of the Kimbell Art Museum in Texas, by Renzo Piano, has opened to great acclaim. Its iconic beams were created right here in BC by Structurlam, coated to precise specifications with BRODA ® Clarity and trucked 3350km from Penticton to Fort Worth. You can see some of the construction shots in our original blog post here, and a dazzling slide show with more photos by Timothy Hursley here.

The strength of these massive beams allows for a 100-foot span between concrete pillars, providing a sense of open space that allows the museum’s collection the space it deserves.

Congratulations to Structurlam – this is truly a world-class installation.

 Kimbell Art Gallery: 100-foot long timber frame architectural beams wood coating specification acrylic water-based coatings by BRODA laminate glulam clear-coat staining finish
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